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Timtex Warehousing

Timtex Logistics has the right knowledge and experience in the field of warehousing, allowing us to provide you with optimal service. Through our Warehouse Management System (WMS) we provide you the option of checking the status of your order and the status of your stock, at any time.

Our professional employees offer a customer-oriented solution in the field of  fulfilment, warehousing and value added logistics. If you have your warehousing under your own management and choose to go with outsourcing, we will offer you the option.


• 14.000m2 storage capacity (20.000 pallets dedicated & public)
• Fulfilment
• Order picking
• (un)loading containers
• Palletizing, sealing, sorting
• Return handling
• Quality control
• Stock- and order management
• Conventional and food (HACCP)
• Bonded en high secured warehouse 

Value Added Services

• Assembly:
> Based on your desires, we can assemble your products
• Packing & kitting:
> We compile kits consisting of multiple parts
• Serial number checking:
> Checking all your goods for serial numbers on entry or withdrawal
• Rework:
> Where necessary we can adjust the composition of your total product
• Labeling:
> We can provide every item with a label
• And more:

Timtex Warehousing