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Piet Visser

Already in 1923, Mr. Piet Visser (grandfather of current management) started a forage trade in Amsterdam-Sloterdijk. Prior to the wartime, the company performed transports for various clients in and surrounding the Tuinsteden in Amsterdam. One of the regular trips was the transportation of horse manure to the mushroom-farm in Limburg.



Timtex in de oorlogsjaren

During the very difficult wartime, the transportation was done necessarily with horse and carriage. Right after the warm ended, the transport was continued with just purchased, old army trucks and the transportation company P.Visser & Sons expanded.

Truck Timmerman

The transportation company was continued by two brothers coming from this transport-family. In 1952, three brothers from the Visser family (including the future founder of Timtex) bought the transportation company C. Timmerman. This company mainly focussed on the transportation of fruits and vegetables from Rotterdam and Antwerp to the wholesale market in Amsterdam.


Truck Timtex

In 1969, one of the brothers withdrew himself from the cooperation with the others to start transportation activities with a new, independent company named Timtex. This name is collected from TIM (Timmerman), T- transport and EX (Expedition).

Also he housed his company on the wholesale market in Amsterdam. Alongside of transportation, this company focused on storage and transfer of various goods from various clients by taking care of the customs formalities for those certain goods.

The municipality forced the company to house elsewhere after a decrease of services, connected to the wholesale market, occurred. After negotiation with the Municipality of Amsterdam, the company housed in a new industrial area: Sloterdijk, Deccaweg 23 in Amsterdam. (This is app. 500 meters from the area where the ancestral house of the first Visser generation once was, the place where in 1923 the company first emerged.)  



After an one-year construction period, an office space of 200 m2 together with an industrial unit of 1200 m2 started to be used in February 1980. This all was located in an industrial area surrounded by reclaimed plains. Ignorant of the fact that this desolated area would lift itself to one of the most wanted areas for companies from the city center to locate themselves, within a year. 

After several expansions, the Timtex-Group now has over 30 000 m2 of stock-capacity and over 1400 m2 office space. This all is now located in the triangle of Deccaweg, Marifoonweg and Radarweg in Amsterdam-Sloterdijk.

Timtex complex

Whereas, in the beginning years, the Timtex-Group focused on the expansion of both logistic services and road transportation, there has been an addition  of multiple modalities to our company. Nowadays, both Sea- and Airfreight are playing a greatly important role in our activities. Through our own Agencies Network Worldwide we are able to fulfill any of our clients wishes.

air and sea cargo